1. Bullet Attract deer to the woodland interior

Create or enhance open spaces in the woodland interior with plants, nutrients, browse and shelter deer prefer. The woodland Intercept meadows (1/4 to 1 acre) draw deer away from the woodland exterior edge/understory, neighborhood gardens and roads.  Deer mostly move between the safe and desirable interior intercept meadows. ... more ....

  1. Bullet Break the cycle of Lyme disease transmission

Deer collect ticks and carry them to the woodland intercept meadows. At 4-Poster stations  located in the woodland intercept meadows the deer rub against rollers saturated with tickicide.  After three to four years most of the ticks in the area that might be infected with Lyme disease are eliminated.  New litters of white-footed mice or small mammals are less and less likely to become infected with Lyme disease breaking the transmission cycle. Infected white footed mice live about three years ... more ... 

  1. BulletDe-activate salt licks along road shoulders. Use salt substitutes and sand  for safer roads and cleaner streams, rivers and lakes.

Salt licks along road shoulders are a consequence of road de-icing with salt . The DeerPeace program deactivates roadside salt licks where deer may cross roads ... more ...

  1. BulletUse fertility control to reduce deer herds in urban and suburban areas

When fair chase hunting is not possible or permitted, deer population is controlled with approved contraceptives.  The contraceptives are delivered by dart to deer from platforms located in the woodland intercept meadows. ... more ...

Deer live at the fringe of our communities which sometimes places them in conflict with us.

The DeerPeace Program resolves the conflicts and creates a better community for all.

The Coordinated DeerPeace Solution

  1. BulletCommit to a total solution

  2. BulletIdentify stakeholders

  3. BulletIdentify owners/managers  of woodland tracts

  4. BulletContact DeerPeace Program

Getting Started
  1. BulletSet the initial project scope

  2. BulletChoose financial - operational program manager (corporation, non-profit or public body)

  3. BulletSelect interim program director and members of steering committee

DeerPeace partners work together with mutual respect and tolerance for each other’s values and traditions. ... more ... 

Initial Planning