Better Woodlands

Woodland intercept meadows (1 /4 to one acre - at least 100 yards from roadways) are located in existing open spaces or woodland areas containing poor quality trees or trees of low value.  For each poor quality or low value tree removed, two or more native trees are planted and protected consistent with the intercept meadow function or requirements of the woodland’s manager.

Attracting deer to the Woodland Interior away from roads and gardens

The woodland intercept meadows are connected by trails.  Each intercept woodland meadow contains the forage, nutrients
and shelter deer prefer. In some woodland intercept meadows shelter may predominate. In others, it may be browse. Bushes are protected by 1/4 inch wire mesh so that only the leaves and branches growing through the mesh are browsed by deer and other wildlife. 

Tick control

4-poster stations are placed in the intercept meadows. Small amounts of corn drop slowing into an open trough to attract the deer. To reach the corn the deer must brush against rollers containing permethrin which kills ticks on the deer and continues to kill ticks as deer browse and move between intercept meadows.  The 4-poster stations remain at the site throughout the year although corn and permethrin are only used in the early spring and the fall. At other times mineral lick blocks are placed in the trough or the trough is covered.

Fertility Control

During the summer does are inoculated by darts to reduce fertility.  The timing and the type of fertility control agent are established by State wildlife authorities.  In the DeerPeace program fertility control is used only to manage deer population levels in urban and suburban areas as an alternative to the “culling” of deer.  Qualified DeerPeace Program Parters shoot darts containing the fertility control agent from raised platforms in the intercept meadows.  In the DeerPeace program inoculated does are not marked unless multiple doses of the fertility control agent would be harmful to the deer.  Where marking of the deer is needed DeerPeace is developing the P.I.M.D ... Proximity Injection and Marking Device

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Woodland Intercept Meadows